Who are we…PeninsulaPoly Mk.1

…Was a small bunch of people who got together a few times to try to straddle the canyon that is human relationships & sexuality. It was a leap to far and my energy was broached when no one else wanted to step up and play a leadership role. I am not the type to lead especially over the long term and so the few people who attended went their separate ways when my energy waned and that was it.

Don’t get me wrong, polyamory is a brilliant idea and can genuinely work, but as I have come to understand, it can’t compete against marriage because it’s hard work establishing the boundaries whereas marriage is established to a greater extent.

It seems much easier to either cheat or just stay single in this country.

Lesson learnt – Australians are very conservative when it comes to sexuality. Any group will struggle to survive at length here. We just don’t want to discuss sex in any meaningful way. Sure, it’s discussed by friends occasionally I gather but I would take a guess that these people are the exeption to the rule and probably are no more than 10% of the population at any one time on any given day.

The blog did survive. I will keep chipping away with posts putting my opinion out there for people to debate, slag off, moan about or just plain ignore from time to time.

I keeps me sane in an insane world.



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