Sex for rent: the rogue landlords who offer free rooms in return for ‘favours’

Found in The Guardian – Sex for rent: the rogue landlords who offer free rooms in return for ‘favours’

Good journalism to uncover this issue, but I want to dig deeper.

Why is this the case. What is the initial “why” (I thought about saying root-cause, but not even I am that tacky!)?


Men have been doing this since the dawn of time, which in no way, shape or form should be condoned, but lately it has become enough of a thing at the right frequency to attract further attention.

For me, it just further highlights the disconnects between men & women that few ever think about, will ever admit and which I hope through articles such as this put us on a path to reconciling some of the gaping holes in human sexuality.

The way I see this going is that eventually women will find equality and won’t need men the way they do now. We are already seeing this on the fringes with relationship models that have been around forever as the minnow models slowly coming into their own.

They will satisfy their reproductive desires with a woman or women and support networks, just as one example of many potential directions a person or persons can take.

Men will satisfy their sexual urges via prostitution in the short term and then AI in the longer term with crossovers between the sexes as necessary to bring satisfaction to those individuals of both genders outside the ‘normal’ range of sexuality, which may or may not be thing but it’s the best I have to describe how I see things at this time.

It’s been interesting growing up at the end of free love and seeing it morph into numerous forms once I was old enough to understand that time, some of which sunk down in stature for a time but now which have resurfaced as part of a different brand and different push, a change I hope brings a slightly better world.

Peace to y’all.



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