Sexual Harassment & putting the cart before the horse (update 18/10/16).

This is an update to the shitty post I put up previous.  Hopefully closer to what I want to say on this subject this time around.

The headline reads…’Deeply disturbing’ responses to uni sexual harassment survey – via @abcnews

Yup, we have come a ways on this subject but as this article and the 150 “Deeply disturbing” comments that were revealed in the survey will show (I havent read them but I gather there is some pretty ordinary commentary on/about women) is that we have merely only scratched the surface of this subject, that being sexual harassment.

Why is that?

There are many, many reasons and I don’t have all day nor a mind to analyze the many vagaries of this debate.  One major factor that I will argue desires further debate but which very few are willing to partake in is that which I consider the elephant in the room – The Male Sex Drive.

It’s pretty clear to me that both sexes know generally speaking the bare minimum about each others bodies.  Add to this the fact that we seemingly both want and don’t want this issue hanging around.

Karen Middleton in The Saturday  Paper today wrote about unwanted sexual attention and whilst I wholehearted agree and sympathize with hers and others experiences I don’t see anyone really addressing the root cause of those comments and lewd behaviours.

At the base level, before culture, education, peer-group pressure and anything else you want to throw into the mix is discussed can we please start talking about the starter motor that is continually on for most men and as I have come to understand it and intermittent for most women.

Therein lies the answer to this issue.  Solve that and you solve sexual harassment.  Or we can keep dancing around it like we have done for the last 20 odd years and the problems will continue to rear their collective ugly heads.

We need to address the elephant.  For too long the male sex drive has been able to run rampage essentially borderless across the globe.  That sit has to stop, but in order to do that there needs to be a vehicle to take over the default  target for the large majority of men in women who need space to work out what they want and how they are going to get it vice the prevailing attitude of needing a man to get ahead in life. 

Technology will hopefully play that part for men (insert “sex” here) which I hope will be the circuit breaker equality needs to prosper.  

You can make blanket policy, wear pink ribbons and throw the book at offenders but until such time as we genuinely are willing to walk a few miles in each others shoes we will as a species get nowhere.

Mark my words.



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