My experience of Peninsula Polyamory Mk.1

Thought I would write to lay down for posterity’s  sake my thoughts on Peninsula Polyamory Mk.1.

What went wrong?

Polyamory is still in its infancy in Australia and that combined with our largely conservative approach to relationships generally didn’t really help any either.

Will I form another group?

Maybe, but Australian’s have a bad habit of wanting things to happen with very little input of their own as experienced via politics.

Whatever happens this blog will remain and here’s to poly getting a foothold in this country.

Till then all,

Love Somebody


Meetup’s dead…but we’re still alive.

Hi Members,

As discussed in my email, this blog is as of now the stand-in communication channel along with this email;

I genuinely hope there is enough interest to keep us going to a point where we might be able to use Meetup again.

Anyway, that is entirely up to you now.  Support it or we close down.

King regards

Polyamory Weekly

What an awesome resource. 

Just listened to Cunning Minx and Tristan Taormino today talking poly/non monogamy which I highly recommend as there are some really strong statements from both about this life choice.

Anyway, till we get to meet in person at the next Meetup, shake your booty to this live luvvy song.


Jamiroquai – Love Foolosophy: