I think we have it arse – about….

Relationships…never a dull moment.

It’s my opinion that the concept and still current belief amongst many that Mr or Mrs Right will be everything you need is completely off the mark.

Don’t get me wrong there are probably quite a few relationships where this actually does work (for a time), but I would contend they are in the minority.

Time and life experience has taught me that we were largely fed a furphy growing up but oddly we seem to still seek out that holy grail.

Don’t get me wrong…big fan of living with that person with whom you share multiple loves be that…well anything you can name…food, music, literature and the list goes on, but,…

The idea that this person can be everything your beating heart wants, needs and desires is in my opinion…crap!

And I gather if you are reading this and have an opinion you probably “get” that this ongoing belief is largely perpetuated by women (ie: Mother to daughter pressure to marry) due mostly to their lot in life which thankfully is changing and finding a much more even balance point as a gender that deserves 50% as the default.

That is a large part of the puzzle but not all of the puzzle so if you have any learned input and you wish to share please come down to a Meetup where we can discuss this further over a glass of wine or whatever takes your fancy on that particular day.

Until then, as The Beatles sung;




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