Thoughts on marriage…

Personally, I am a fan because as I have come to learn, marriage has quite the long and interesting history.
Couple that with the fact that it is a beautiful word in its own right IMHO. 

What I am not a fan of is the version perpetuated by some in society, the church and certain governments as witnessed personally in Australia over the past 30 odd years.

So many factors are a part of a great marriage and I contend that not enough is being done to keep marriage great. One only has to look at facts ie: divorce rates, a high domestic violence rate, single parenthood as a societal norm, affairs abounding etc etc.

Both sexes have to change but there is a lot of resistance with both blaming each other for what they consider “the reasons” for divorce and other issues that affect marital unions.

I personally would like to see marriage remain the “top dog”, but for that too happen so many things need to change in my opinion. Things are changing slowly but I doubt enough will be done to keep it as such.

Until such time communication in relationships becomes the defacto standard taught as part of a country wide sex-ed/relationship course for year 10, 11 and 12’s the stand-in formula in a mix of love and lust in spontaneous quantities dependant on the individual personalities will rule and thus divorces, affairs and single parenthood will continue to be commonplace.

Polyamory can fit in as it does currently for those relationships that get the basics right with it and other forms if union being covered in the last year of the course.
With the seed sown then people can do as they choose or are most comfortable with.

But to finish on a high note one thing that is coming despite ongoing resistance from conservatives in ever smaller numbers is same – sex marriage, totally legal and an equal of its heterosexual counterpart.

This is a very interesting topic that I have barely touched on so do come down to one of our meets if you would like to chat.

I’m attending a Meetup with Peninsula Polyamory and Open Relationships Meetup

Until then, love many,



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